Get Started

Here is a quick start to make a nice github page.

#tool up
npm install -g doc-n-toc
#go to your git repository, set up for github pages
git checkout --orphan gh-pages
#... write a manual in a markdown file ... :)
doc-n-toc --title MyProject > index.html
git add index.html
git commit -m 'yep, simple gh pages'
git push --set-upstream origin gh-pages

And done. Fire up your browser at http://[username][repo]

How It Works

This will take a markdown and compile it to a single page doc site, inline everything -- which gives you a stand along html document you can publish or share. So, not only can you publish it on the web, you can email it whole or read it offline. Fonts, styles, scripts, and all. One page 'app' meets website.

The table of contents is auto-generated by simply looking at your h1 h2 ahd h3 tags. So, just make headings, and the TOC is built for you. Thanks Greg Allen.

And, you can have multiple files and break up your work, just pass multiple files to doc-n-toc and it will glue them end to end for you and make a nice big manual page.